Sanding Blocks Are A Great Add-On to Your Pick Punch Purchase

Make sure you check out our sanding blocks before you check out of our online store!

small-four-stage-sanding-block-10This is our small four-stage sanding block $2.50.  It has been specially designed for finishing guitar picks with 4 special surfaces:  rough, medium fine, fine, buffing.  And, this sanding block was designed to fit inside the handle of the Pick Punch tool! You can sand smooth bevels on the edges of your guitar picks and also sand the sides of the picks for more grip. 


large-four-stage-sanding-block-33This is our large four stage sanding block $4.99. This one also has the 4 special sanding surfaces.  Another use for sanding blocks. With just a ballpoint pen you can create custom stamps. Also when the sanding block wears out you can cut them and use all four sides for several custom stamps. 



Screenshot 2015-10-05 at 4.46.18 PMThis is our course large sanding block $4.99.  This specially designed Large Pick Punch sanding block has the same coarse sanding surface on all four sides (same as side 1 on the 4 stage sanding blocks). This sanding block is great for all the rough edge bevels sometimes desired. 

Consider buying all three sanding blocks. Keep one inside the punch so there is always one handy. The large sanding blocks are great for larger projects. We found that side 1 is used more than the other sides and therefore will wear out quicker so we created a large sanding block to handle those larger projects. If you are not sure which to get for gift giving consider all three to cover all situations.