Nailed It Tool


The concept of using a heavy object to hit another object predates written history. What started as rocks tied to the end of a stick has evolved into a wonderful duo, the hammer and the nail. But it seems the hammer was always plagued with hitting something it was not supposed to hit. Today everything seems to work great until you try to swing and either miss or hit something else damaging the nail, the object being nailed, or even your thumb. OUCH! The Nailed-It™ tool makes it easier to hit the nail and direct it into hard to reach places with less chance of bending the nail, damaging the wall, or the object being secured. With a larger strike surface and by moving your hand away from the surface it also reduces chances of your hand being struck between a “rock and a hard place”.

You can purchase your Nailed It Tool for $12.95 by clicking here.

You can purchase your Nailed It Tool for $12.95 by clicking here.

Get Crafty with Pick Punch

Did you know, you can do so much more than make custom picks for your instruments with a pick punch?  Crafty people listen up! You can make games…


Here Kara used the Circle Punch and the Square Punch.


You can make a coin alternative!


You can make as many as you want with just one punch!  All you need is an old hotel key, or a gift card.  You can use a plastic lid to peanut butter, or yogurt.  Get creative!


Pick Punch is a great gift for anyone. Music lovers for sure, but don’t forget the crafty people on your list this year.

What do you do with your pick punch?

What do you do with your pick punch?


Are you a musician?  Do you like to make your own picks?  Or are you the crafty-type who makes jewelry or art with their picks?  We also have square, and circle shaped picks for those of you who are crafting.


circle pick punch

Send us your photos, ideas and comments.  We love to see what you are making out there, and how you are using your pick punch.  Instagram #pickpunch is a great place for inspiration if you need it!

screenshot-2016-10-05-at-7-25-41-pm screenshot-2016-10-02-at-3-42-38-pm

Buy Your Dad a Collar Stay Punch for Father’s Day

We have come up with a great gift item, and think every dad should have one.  Well, make that every dad, who wears nice shirts, and have a space for a collar stay.

The collar stay punch is $29.95.


We think dad is worth it.

Here’s a video of how easy our collar stay punch is to work:


Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas #Pickpunch Style

Sometimes it’s really hard to find the right gift for Valentine’s Day.  Guys are hard to buy for.  Some girls are hard to buy for, too.  I can name 3 types of people who would LOVE a Pick Punch.

1.) The crafty person.  Try out a circle, or square punch.  Check out ideas on pinterest, make jewelry, or art!

circle pick punchsquare


2.) The guy who as everything, and is a snappy dresser.  Get him a collar stay punch!


3.) The musician.  Or someone who is interested in playing a stringed instrument.  Get them any of our guitar pick punches.  We have several shapes and sizes of these!  Check out our plastics too.



We ship fast, so order today.  Make your Valentine happy:)