My Thoughts on the VMA’s

moonmanI am not sure where to start.  Ok, how about this.  It’s a really good thing my kids weren’t into watching the show, because between Miley’s outfits and the 300 trojan commercials, or the references to marijuana.. I would have had a ton of explaining to do.  I remember as a kid waiting up to watch the VMA’s.  I was excited to see the performances, I was excited to see what all of my favorite groups were wearing.  Now a days, well there’s little left to imagination on the clothing front, and the performances..well let’s just say thank goodness for DVR’s.  I’m not 100% sure anything about a video was ever mentioned.  Were videos even discussed?  What I can recall, what I can not un-see, would be Miley’s outfit choices. And weird, weird performances.  I suppose, this is what MTV wants. Us talking the next day about all the craziness from the night before.  I guess, if the saying is “sex, drugs & rock and roll” and that is what the VMA’s are going for…well then they knocked it out of the park!

Back to School Gifts are Nice

I’m thinking of sending my cousin a pick punch for his “back to school gift”..not that I ever give back to school gifts,  but I’m thinking he could probably use some cool factor help. He’s a sophomore this year and it will be his first year in a fraternity house.  I’m not even sure if he plays an instrument, but I am sure if he has one of these baby’s on his desk it will amp up his game. Maybe make him look better to the ladies…
You’re welcome for the great idea:)