Thinking About Dad? Father’s Day Gift Idea #1.

Don’t get dad the same ol’ thing this year.  Think outside the box.  No tie for dad this year.  Instead, get dad a wallet. But not any ordinary wallet.  Grab him one to keep his picks in.  Check this out:


Our Leather Guitar Pick Wallet is the perfect gift for dad.  Instead of reminding dad of how much money you cost him, remind dad that you think he’s a super cool guy and deserves a super cool gift from his super cool kid.  Our leather guitar pick wallet can hold up to 60 guitar picks!  And…it’s easy on your wallet.  Only $9.95.  Click here to purchase one now.  

Father’s Day is only a Month Away

Every year the kids and I like to do something nice for their dad.  He is not the easiest person to buy for.  But this year, instead of the obligatory tie, or gift card to the golf course for a bucket of balls, he is getting something really cool.

The Collar Stay Punch


This is the Collar Stay Punch.  It’s $29.95.  At that price, I may buy one for my dad and my grandpa.  My dad doesn’t even wear nice collar shirts, but I know he will love getting a new gadget, and this will probably inspire him to wear a dress shirt from time to time.

All dads like a new piece of equipment, a gadget…guys like to “do” things with tools.  It’s just the way they are.  This will be a fun gift that will let dad know how much you care about his style!

How To Spice Up your Guitar Playing

If you are interested in spicing up the texture and tone of your guitar playing, consider changing up your pick.  Discover something new, a dynamic sound, just by switching up your pick choice.  We have a bunch of Pick Punch sizes for you to choose from, all around $25.

Jazz Shape Pick shape is similar to most Jazz Style picks. This punch produces picks 1.05 inches (26.6mm) tall by .918 inches (23.3mm) wide at top. These picks are smaller and more pointed than normal picks for more precise control.



Teardrop Shape is smaller. This pick will give you more control. 




346 Large Rounded Triangle Pick shape is similar to the large 346 style picks. The pick shape is 32mm or 1.25 inches from a point to the opposite edge. 




Any of these are a great way to change up your sound, without a huge investment. Once you own your punch, you can make as many picks as you want, to explore new sounds everyday.


May 2 Music News…A Look Back

I was looking around for a fun fact in music history and stumbled upon this story from 1989:  Michael Jackson, wearing a wig and fake moustache, enters a Zales jewelry store in Simi Valley, California. Security finds him suspicious and calls the police, who show up to explain that you shouldn’t wear a disguise to a jewelry store.

So, of course I had to find a photo or possibly the video to go with this story.  And here it is. It’s funny because we see Bill O’Riley as a much younger man.  And, it’s sad because it reminds me that we have lost a great entertainer.  Definitely click to watch the video.  It’s worth it to see both Michael Jackson’s bad disguise and Bill O’Riley’s bad hair.