An Easy and Inexpensive Way to Promote Your Band

As a music fan, growing up going to concerts, and still to this day, getting a guitar pick from the band is pretty special.  Fans seek guitar picks from their favorite bands.  I love it when band members throw them out into the crowd!

Consider this, make your own picks with Pick Punch, add your logo or own personal art to the picks. At your next show, throw out a couple in the crowd.  It’s a great way of self-promotion.  Give them to your friends, share them with other bands.  When you drop in to talk to a club owner about a gig, leave a few.  And, make sure the door has plenty to give out to regulars, or maybe tout it on facebook as the first 20 people will get a customized pick.  Get creative and use your Pick Punch for something that will promote you to the next level.

Send us pictures of picks you make and let us know how you are using Pick Punch to promote your band…to a brand.


Plastic Sheets for Making Your Own Picks

We talk a lot about recycling plastics to make your picks.  We love it when you send us pictures of cool things you have upcycled.  But, if you need additional plastic, we have it right on our website.  These are best to use to completely personalize your pick.  We have several plastics and colors for you to choose from.  So, for those of you who have already purchased a Pick Punch, maybe you should try out a new punch, maybe a different size, and then pick up a plastic to play with.  Experiment with our plastics as they range in guage, so you might have a heavier or lighter weight pick.  This is a fun way to keep your creativity flowing.  Check out all of our plastics.


Users of Pick Punch are Sending us their Creative Picks…We Want to Share!

Keep ’em coming…We like to feature our customers’ work on our blog.  So send us your photos,


Thank you Kelly Jean Curto, for sharing this photo.  We love the colorful plastic, and cool design you have used.


Chris Sanchez, looks like you had a ton of cards to upcycle:)


And, Jeff Royds…this is AWESOME.  What a great use for Pick Punch.  I bet you won’t lose this pick too easily…or if you do, at least you have a good chance to get it back!

Two Good Places to Keep Your Pick

Ever think, hmmm…wonder where I should keep my uber cool guitar pick that I just made with my Pick Punch?  Well, we have an idea for you.  Keep your guitar picks handy with a leather guitar pick holder KEY CHAIN!  The Saddle Shape can hold up to 12 picks depending on how thick they are.  And, holds most shapes and sizes…ONLY $3.49.


The Round shape can hold 6-10 picks and holds all guitar pick shapes except the large 355 Dorito Chip Pick, only $3.99.  At this price you can buy one for all your friends too.



Today is “Ditch Your Resolutions Day”


Today is known as “Ditch Your Resolutions Day.”  What do you think that means? Does it mean we can just do whatever we want today only?  Drink more, smoke, eat fast food…OR, does it mean we are ditching all of our resolutions for the year?  I’m taking it as a day to get myself in check.  Re-evaluate my resolution list. Take today off, start anew tomorrow.  I’ll take this silly made up holiday and use it to my advantage. What will you do?

Crafts To Make With Your Pick Punch

I found this picture on Pinterest.  How cool is this necklace?!


I think if you are a jewelry maker this would be an awesome project.  I don’t think it’s probably very easy to make, but definitely worth the effort.  What are you working on with the Pick Punch?  Any jewelry makers out there crafting up something special to share?  Let us know!  Send us your photos.

What length is your strap?


This video made me laugh, but also made me take notice.  Mainly because Paul Gilbert has a definite point of view.  I love when someone feels so strongly about something, that they make a public service announcement in youtube video form.  I have strong feelings about a ton of stuff, but I haven’t made any youtube videos.  Maybe today that will change.  Check it out and let us know if your strap personality is a low-precise, low-relaxed, mid-precise, mid-relaxed, high-precise or high-relaxed.  

Add Guitar to your “Carry-On” List



I just read an interesting article, about carry-on items for aircraft travel.  Before December 30, if you wanted to bring your guitar or other larger musical instrument with you for airplane travel, most likely it would have to be checked.  This rule has changed. Now, according to the US Department of Transportation, if you get on the airplane and there is enough room in the overhead OR in a closet not being used (by crew member luggage or handicapped items) one may place their instrument in that space!  Guitar cases probably take up two spaces that luggage would fit, but no longer are you expected to take it out to make room for the bags.  I think the key to this is getting on first, or as early as you can so to make sure you will have room. And…just a tip: it might help to have a copy of this rule to show the agent working the flight who stands in front of the bag sizer.