Pick Punches in Stock and ready for immediate shipping

Hi everyone we have our punches in stock now and can process your order usually in about a day now because we finally caught up! It took a week of 20 hour days here but finally we are there.

We ship USPS priority mail and it only takes 2-3 days to get anywhere in the USA. International orders are quick as well to get to other countries but your customs may slow down the order significantly in some cases. Please keep this in mind if you are shipping to some place outside of the USA.

Take care everyone and Happy Holidays!!


Hello everyone. Just updating you so you know when to expect your punch to be shipped. If your order said December 11th on it then the punch should be shipped that date. If it stated 13th then it should ship that date. If it stated the 16th then it should ship around that date. I hope this is clear. We are having to change the item title and description due to the time it will take us to catch up to your order. The sooner you order the sooner we can get it out etc.
Thanks everyone.

Pick Punch Update

Sorry everyone it took so long to post this update. We are still on schedule to start shipping around the 11th. It should only take a few days to catch up all the orders so we are still on schedule to have the punches to you by Christmas. Keep in mind international orders will be very close if you are ordering for Christmas depending on where you are located and how fast your customs processes orders. We have found Canada and Peru is currently running slow. If you have any questions email me at von@pickpunch.com