Hello Everyone. My name is Von Luhmann and I am the inventor of the pick punch and this is my website dedicated to making your own guitar picks. The goal of this website is to be a one stop place to visit to get all information and products related to making your own guitar picks.

Guitar Playing is a very individualistic hobby and passion. No two guitar players are the same. Some prefer factory picks while others prefer the many rewards of making their own. Many are somewhere in the middle. With the Pick Punch you can test new materials not available, recycle credit cards and other similar materials, express your individuality, learn more about your guitar playing style, and have a lot of fun doing it? We have made picks that are the highest quality you will find. Gutar pick making is a full time hobby with huge rewards. Are you wondering what you can make with a Pick Punch? Visit our How-To section on our front page for a huge selection of videos, pictures, techniques, and other information. Have a wonderful time!

Don’t see our Pick Punch at your local gift, hobby, or music shop? Ask them why and have them contact us and we will try to change that for you.

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