Back to School … Lists

Unfortunately, the end of July signifies the end of summer for many.  Weather it’s going back to school ourselves, or preparing a child to go back, there is much to do.  Lists are handed out, and lists are made.  We have to get school supplies, clothes, or outfit an entire dorm room or apartment  There is so much to do.

Good thing for online shopping to make the check marks appear faster on my “TO DO list.”     For years, I felt like I needed to go in to the store to touch and feel the purchases I would make.  I no longer feel this way, the click of the button is so much better.  My purchases come quickly and I waste much less time driving around from store to store.   Who is your “go-to” online retailer for all the items you need?  I have a few that I like to use, and I am so grateful they offer the convenience of online shopping.

Pick Punch offers online shopping from our website at  Also, if you are on facebook, there is a “shop now” button you can press and it will take you right there.


Which Punch is Your Favorite & Why?

Pick Punch has many punches for you to try.  We have the standard pick punch, a smaller jazz size pick punch, a dorito chip pick punch, a larger rounded triangle pick punch, and many more.  We also came up with some great non-instrument playing pick punches, such as the square, circle and collar stay.

We would like to hear from you, which of our punches is your favorite? And why?  And, if you have one punch, which you love, why not try a new punch to see what other creative things you can do?  Our punches range from $19.95-$29.95.  We would love to see your handiwork, please tag us on intstagram @pickpunch or on twitter #pickpunch.  Or you can always post to our facebook page!!