Songs of Summer

Every summer there is a new pop song.  The radio station will play it over and over.  You can almost guarantee each time you turn on your car, that the song will be on, or it is coming up next.  You begin with really liking the song.  Next, comes the time where you wish the song would play since it’s totally on your mind.  Then, the time comes when you hope they don’t play that song again….and finally,  you begin to HATE the song.  It’s almost like the radio station ruins this one specific song for you, in 3 short months of summer.

I wish I didn’t like the pop stations because of this phenomenon.  But, I have to say, those pop songs are POP-ular because of the catchy way they suck me in.  Once the song has been “played out” I feel that I almost miss hearing that tune and get excited when I hear my favorite song of summer randomly played in January.  It makes me think of how fun it was to drive around, windows down, pop music blasting….my song of summer.  popmusic


Father’s Day Gift Idea #6 by Pick Punch

A collar stay punch will be the best and coolest addition to dad’s morning routine.  A guy who wears collar stays is already a pretty cool cat.  He’s the kind of guy who cares about what he’s wearing…he cares about how he looks…and he probably thinks he’s super cool. So, why not help dad out and show him you think he’s pretty cool too.  We have an awesome *NEW* punch.  It’s our collar stay punch.  He can use any plastic material to punch his collar stays.  He can even use that gift card you gave him last year that has been sitting in his wallet;)



Before collar stay:


After collar stay:


See?  We told you.–shirt-collar-stay-punch.html



Father’s Day Gift Idea #5

This year, grab dad something that says you think he’s not just a dorky joke telling, beer guzzling couch potato.  This year, show dad you think he’s a cool guy, with great talent. Even if he’s not so cool…help him BE cool.  Get dad one of our Standard Pick Punch 351 pick punches.  Also grab him some funky plastics to use his punch on.  We have a ton of plastic sheeting to choose from, in a wide variety of colors and thickness.  plastic sheeting

$3.25-$3.99 / Plastic Sheeting

$24.95 / Pick Punch “Standard 351”

Father’s Day Gift Idea #4

Who wears a tie these days?  Ok, maybe your dad does, but that’s only 5 days a week if so.  We think dad would like a super cool trucker hat this year on his day.  It’s summer, it’s sunny, and you know dad is going to be outside.  Maybe dad is having a bad hair day…or maybe he doesn’t have any hair at all.  Our point?  Any dad would be happy with one of our Pick Punch hats.  Even if dad doesn’t play an instrument that requires a pick ( P.S. check out the pretty great spot on the bill of the cap to keep picks handy and accessible )  he will still love wearing our hat.


$16.95.  At that price, you can get yourself one too.  Shop Now by clicking HERE.

Father’s Day Gift Idea #3

After you pick out a “Pick Punch” from one of our several different punches, grab dad a few accessories for his picks.  This Guitar Pick Holder Case with Sticker Back is a great way to keep dad’s picks accessible.

guitar-pick-holder-case-13 guitar-pick-holder-case-12



There is an adhesive backing which allows for easy attachment.  Dad will be so happy with his new pick punch and handy holder.  

Father’s Day Gift Idea #2


What to get dear ol’ dad.  Yes, that seems to be a good question.  We have an answer. How about a 240 Guitar Pick Display Album with Stand?!  When closed, it looks like any ordinary album but it transforms into a triangle stand to showcase your collection on a table or desk. Includes 240 square white cardboard holders, 240 foam pick holders and 12 heavy-duty polypropylene pages. 

Foam inserts are half black and half white to better display different colored picks. You can use this album without the foam inserts for larger picks and other shapes all the way up to the large 355 and 346 shapes! Click HERE to take you to our website to purchase.  Or browse around our online store for other great gift ideas for dad.