Where Do You Keep Your Picks?



We keep ours on a professional pick porter stick pad. It sticks on your guitar, peels off, and leaves no residue. Our pick porter holds 7-8 picks. If it ever gets dirty, you can reactivate it and clean it with a little water….its good as new. We use this on all our expensive guitars and it leaves no trace. We include 3 medium yellow picks with the stick pad. This is a must have for every guitar player to keep your picks handy.  


Our Pick Porter Stick Pad is $9.99.


Good Idea for Using Custom Picks to Make Art


We found this cool piece of artwork on Pinterest, but can’t click on the link to tell you who it belongs to or how they did it.  Looks like they used guitar string, and picks over possibly a canvas board.  We love the idea, and think it’s so creative.  This would be a great project piece for your music room, above your bar or even as a gift to a fellow guitar player.  You could use different Pick Punch punches and make different instruments.  The possibilities are endless for a creative mind!  So Pick your Punch and get to making some amazing art!  Remember to send in any photos so we can see what you have made!

Two Great Places to Store Custom Made Picks

Have you custom-made a pick that you are super proud of and want to show off?  Or maybe you have a pick that you want to display, and you aren’t sure how to.  We have several options for you to choose from, and today we will show you two of them.

First, we have our guitar pick frame holder with stands. $5.99

Screenshot 2015-03-11 at 8.41.40 PM


And, we have our guitar pick case with easel. $3.99

Screenshot 2015-03-11 at 8.42.25 PM

Both are great options to hold your special picks.  PICK one up today!  www.pickpunch.com





3 Ways to get inspired this March, aka, “National Craft Month”


We have several crafty punches available for purchase at Pick Punch, so we have our crafters covered this month.  Here are 3 ways to inspire you in March.

1. Think about your half-finished pile of crafty projects.  Now organize your thoughts and write them down.  Each day, try to cross something off your list.  At the end of March, you won’t believe how many of your half-finished projects have turned into finished works of art.

2. Think Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  This might just inspire you to look around the house and make something amazing.  We like using gift cards and other plastics to make custom-made picks.  Think about what you have laying around…or what you are throwing out…use pinterest…that’s one of the best inspirational sites out there.  Just plug in what you have in the search bar to see what others have made with the same materials.

3. Give some supplies to the kids.  See what they come up with.  Sometimes kids are the best inspiration around.  A few of my favorite pieces around my house, are those my kids made.

Here are a couple of our crafty punches:

Circle $24.95 circlepickpunch

Square $24.95 square

Teardrop $24.95teardrop

Send us pictures of what you have crafted this month.  We will feature as many as we can on our blog or on our facebook page! Can’t wait to see what you come up with….