Do you watch “How To” videos?  Do you ever finish the video?  I have every intention of sitting down to watch a video, but somehow I find myself bored or off thinking about something else before the “How To” part even finishes.  This may lead me to other problems, such as why I don’t get projects completed in a timely manner.  Or sometimes the project goes awry, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

A “How To” that makes perfect sense.  Stay tuned:


Show us Your Turkey (keep it clean)

New Contest!  Exclusive for FB and Blog followers.  Show us your Turkey.  We want to see what you can create with picks.  The only rule: Use your Pick Punch to create a turkey like we have never seen before.  Send them to our FB page, and we will pick a winner 11/24/14.  Our winner will get a Pick Punch Hat, it comes with a spot to hold your customized pick in the visor.  Now get to punching and creating.hats1